Tuesday 11th February

  • from 17:00 Registration
  • 18:00 Official opening
    Mgr. Martin Baxa - primátor Plzně, Doc. MUDr. Jan Vevera – přednosta psychiatrické kliniky, Dr. René Keet – předseda EUCOMS
  • 18:30 Key speech What is recovery?
    Dr. René Keet
  • 19:30 Banquet
  • 20:30 New circus performance Pig circus

Wednesday 12th February

  • from 8:00 Registration
  • 9:00 Key speech Language and recovery
    Doc. Dr. Catherine Ebert, Mgr. Mgr. Martin Fojtíček
  • 9:45 Key speech Institutions and recovery
    MUDr. Martin Hollý MBA
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 WORKSHOPS
    • Does recovery have its own language?
      Mgr. Mgr. Martin Fojtíček
    • EUCOMS – what it is, what it wants
      Dr. René Keet
    • Recovery and the role of professionals
      MUDr. Miroslav Pastucha
    • How to teach recovery?
      Mgr. Pavel Říčan
    • Recovery in transformation of Czech psychiatry
      MUDr. Jan Pfeiffer
    • Music and musictherapy on the road to recovery
      Mgr. Jana Fojtíčková
    • Role of peer workers in services
      Dick van der Vlugt, Bc. Michal Kašpar
  • 12:30 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Opening of second half of the conference
    Mgr. Mgr. Martin Fojtíček, Bc. David Šlouf MBA
  • 14:10 Marsailles Housing First Good Practice
    Dr. Rafael Bouloudnine
  • 14:50 From care to recovery: a concrete example
    Laurent Defromont a Simon Vasseur-Bacle
  • 15:30 Coffe break
  • 16:00 - 17:30 WORKSHOPS
    • Oil and vinegar or oil and water
      Dr. René Keet, Dr. Petr Winkler, Mgr. Mgr. Martin Fojtíček
    • Psychiatric Reform in Andalusia, 30 years later. And now, what?
      Emilia Navarrón Cuevas, Evelyn Huizing
    • Strenghtening of community based care
      panel moderated by Simon Vasseur-Bacle
    • Music and musictherapy on the road to recovery
      Mgr. Jana Fojtíčková
    • Ward no. 25 of Psychiatric Hospital Dobřany
      MUDr. Stanislav Kudrle et al.
    • Recovery oriented intake
      Dick van der Vlugt
    • Housing first
      panel moderated by Mgr. Petr Moravec
    • Radio Recovery - creative workshop
      moderated by Mgr. Jan Zeman, Jana Kosová
  • 17:45 Summary and closing the conference
  • 20:00 After party, band Poitín
    Anděl music bar (Bezručova 5, Plzeň)